How To Measure

All you need to do to ensure a perfectly fitting fender is follow the simple instructions bellow, making sure you give all five dimensions for Club fenders. If any of the requested dimensions do not apply to your fender please mark N/A. For low fenders only dimensions A and B are required.

We will always assume that the fender is to sit around dimensions A and B unless stated otherwise.

Hearth Width (A): This is the width of your hearth, please give the exact size and we will build in an appropriate plus tolerance.

Hearth Depth (B): This is the depth of your hearth, please give the exact size up to the front face of your skirting board or wall if no skirting is present.

Inner Width (C): Club Fenders only. This is the width of your mantle uprights at the relevant fender model seat height, so that we can position the seats so as not to interfere with them.

Mantle Depth (D): Club Fenders only. This is the depth of your mantle uprights (i.e. how far they protrude from the wall). This dimension is necessary if dimension C is close to being the same as dimension A and the seats need to finish short up against the front face of the mantle uprights.

SKIRTING THICKNESS: Club Fenders only. This is the thickness of your skirting from the wall so that we can finish the base up to the skirting and the seats up to the wall.

NOTE: If you have any concerns about the dimensions required, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly talk you through the process.

How to measure your hearth

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